Abruzzo 4 Day Workshop

Flexible dates 2018

Forming part of the Apennine chain, the veritable backbone of Italy, the Abruzzo is one of the wildest and least known parts of Italy. It has an incomparable scenic beauty with wild landscapes, high mountains and dramatically perched castles in which there is an astonishing richness of wildlife. Small populations of both the wolf and the Marsican brown bear have managed to survive in the region in spite of the encroachment of human activity and of hunters. In spring and early summer the meadows, cultivated in traditional fashion, become a riot of colour with poppies, cornflowers and many other species creating a tapestry of colours.

In higher regions, open stony meadows reveal an incredible richness of small alpine plants (crocus, pansies, gentians) numerous butterflies and a wonderful bird fauna – snow finches, shrikes, pipits and larks and the occasional lammergeier wheeling overhead. Rapidly changing weather conditions can create dramatic skies, especially in autumn.

In a four-day photographic workshop (or a longer tour) we can sample, generously, from the natural treasures such as the Campo Imperatore (dominated at one end by Gran Sasso, the highest of the Apennine Peaks) where, as the snows melt, crocuses tint vast areas in shades of lilac to be followed by numerous orchids and other species. Here there are tiny villages constructed from hewn limestone blocks where traditional life has been very hard. They form an essential part of a landscape where castles seem to grow out of the very rocks themselves.

Cost - €1080

What's included
  • Pick up to and from airport (usually Rome). Flights to be coordinated with others in group but we aim to pick people up around midday on the first day and drop people back at the airport on the last day again, at around midday.
  • All transport during the tour
  • All accommodation and meals including wine at lunch and dinner

What's not included
  • Flights.
  • Personal expenses e.g. drinks, coffees, gelato...
  • Insurance
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