Tours - Flowers, Photography & Nature

These are generally of a week to 10 days with a moderate amount of gentle walking or pottering to get to the best places. We concentrate on Italy with some amazing places to visit: Gargano, the spur to Italy's boot: the mystical Sibillini in eastern Umbria, Sicily, Abruzzo and the Dolomites amongst other destinations. We specialise in finding stunning floral displays, butterflies, orchids… in unforgettable surroundings and sharing them with stimulating, good company. Food and wine are important to us - after all, we live in Italy and are keen cooks so we make sure you dine well. And Lois’ lunchtime picnics are, so we are told, the stuff of legend.

For the lover of wildflowers, orchids in particular, few localities can even begin to rival the Gargano peninsula in Puglia, a wonderful limestone lump forming the spur to Italy’s boot. We would rate it as Europe’s finest natural rock garden.

Our tour to the Sibillini introduces you to a paradise of scenery, wildflowers and insects. Numbers on all our tours are kept deliberately small so that you can have a great deal of personal tuition as well as time to put what you learn into practice.

Made to Measure Tours ... over the years, numerous people who have travelled with us have enquired about tours catering to particular interests and wants. We love this area of work since it gives us a chance to put together something special, making use of our ‘insider knowledge’ of many things Italian (and elsewhere). We have groups of friends who ask us each year for something new and we create a mixture of beautiful, photogenic towns and countryside, Italian history and colour with (literally) a taste of Italy. Here you are spoilt for choice but you need to know where to look…and we do!

N.B. Bespoke tours become cost-effective with a small group when cost is comparable with our normal tours. However we are not only limited to Italy. We have, for example, run ‘specials’ for orchids and for wild flower photography: we can also offer expertise on Crete, mainland Greece, France (the Massif Centrale), Turkey and Cyprus (both north and south) based on research, tours led and personal travel over many years.

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