Close-up & Macro

We offer specific macro courses for individuals or small groups (max 5-6) where you can choose from a day to a week where you work with Paul Harcourt Davies, known internationally as the Macromaestro through his books, blogs, lectures and numerous articles. These courses are based around our home near Orvieto in Umbria where participants will have the opportunity to work in our fully equipped macro studio and use an extensive library. There is always plenty of time for appraisal of the day’s work and help and advice on post-processing in Lightroom.

We cater for all levels from complete beginner to expert, being flexible and able to accommodate your specific interests.

With one of our macro workshops you will leave better equipped to produce images with that ‘wow’ factor in this challenging and fascinating genre whatever your level, from beginner to advanced.

We will cover the following and much more….
  • Wide-angle macro - PHD is one of the leading proponents and innovators in this area
  • Close-up (& extreme macro) techniques and methods - including examples of self-build rigs
  • Lighting - all aspects, commercial and home-built set ups, balancing natural and artificial illumination and much more.
  • Image Stacking - for incredible depth of field
  • Composition - the art of designing a picture, shooting for and achieving impact
We make use of species-rich places close to home where you can have the chance to experiment with images you might never have tried before and will be surprised to find are not nearly as difficult as some try to make out…all it takes is a bit of thought and patience.

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