Photographic Workshops - on the borders of Tuscany, Umbria & Lazio

Central Italy - close to home

To call what is offered here ‘a workshop’ does it a disservice...but, if we say it is a ‘learning experience’ then that sounds pretentious. What we guarantee is that you will leave us with your appreciation enhanced, tuned to the immense opportunities around you and with a mastery of basic and not-so-basic techniques that enable you to create your own unique images. You will learn how to get the best out of your camera, take larger than life pictures and use wide angles (both fixed focus and zooms) to get pictures with impact.

Some suggested times to visit and things you might see:
  • April/May - for many native orchids and early insects, particularly butterflies.
  • May/June - for orchids, flower filled landscapes
  • June /July - butterflies and other insects…
  • July/August - we suggest you join one of our trips to the Dolomites or the Abruzzo where we get up high and the air is cooler.
  • September/October - for landscapes, incredible quality of light, woods and fungi…this is a lovely time to visit our part of central Italy where the weather is very comfortable and there are numerous walks to archaeological sites that hardly anyone knows about. We are always exploring and have a unique knowledge of places off the beaten track.
  • November/December - perfect for photographing hilltowns with clear skies and long views. The summer season for visitors is over but there are plenty of local fairs, great food, lovely walks or ambles and panoramic vistas. Autumnal tree colour is superb from late October into November and even December. It is a great time to visit local hilltowns and villages with an endless supply of nooks and crannies for unique images.

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Experience the floral colours of the Sibillini in eastern Umbria with our 4 - day workshop in early July


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